We are deeply saddened to announce the sudden passing of María K Steinsson on September 14, 2023. Born in Reykjavík in 1976, María blossomed into a remarkable artist, excelling in photography and painting. Her educational journey saw her earning a BA in Fine Art Painting from City & Guilds of London Art School and a MA in Fine Art Photography from Kingston University. Throughout her career, María explored profound themes of identity, time, and movement, leaving behind a legacy of evocative artworks that resonated globally. Her artistry was celebrated in numerous exhibitions across Iceland, Texas, and beyond. María’s passing is a monumental loss, yet her creative spirit continues to inspire us all​.

Two panoramic landscape images side by side. On the left, a woman with long hair walks away from the camera on a desolate road, holding a bunch of colorful balloons. The scenery features an expansive terrain with light vegetation and a dramatic cloudy sky overhead. On the right, a winding road stretches into the distance through a barren landscape with sparse grass and rocks, the same location where the woman was previously seen. Her notable absence contrasts with the vast sky filled with a mix of clouds and blue patches overhead.